A New World

Imagine you’re in space, and you look out of the window. You see a new world that gets bigger and bigger as you move towards it. After breaking through the atmosphere, you land with your rocket. You open the door and jump out into the nature of a planet you’ve never seen before.

This, my dear readers is the cinematic description of my newly released soundtrack!

How did I come up with the idea?

The focus
Photo by Diego PH / Unsplash

I originally came up with the idea when I was shooting a reel for Instagram. I recorded a whole band with my keyboard in one take using logic pro back then. The song I was playing was Hit the Road Jack (put a link to post). After finishing this vid, I asked myself: Wouldn’t it be interesting to do the same with a piece for a whole orchestra. And I also did that, but not in one take 😅.

In this vid (link to video), I basically presented all instruments that I was going to use for the track, and at the end, I showed the result. The reel got lots of positive feedback, and people asked me to do a full version of it. So I said: Your wish is granted - to say it in the words of a Genie 😂.

The Soundtrack

And this is what came out:

What instruments did I use?

Photo by Karim MANJRA / Unsplash

The instruments I used in this soundtrack were mainly digitally played via the keyboard. So the orchestra strings, the horns, the drums, the basses, and the piano itself. But there is one part of it, which was played by an acoustic instrument. In the climax, I played the violin by myself.

If you listen carefully, you will hear the high notes.


For the next project like that, I want to incorporate more real instruments instead of using these digital ones since it still does sound completely different. Especially guitars! That’s why I’m currently learning to play the guitar.

I will talk about my learning experience with my guitar in a later post as soon as I’m able to play a few songs in one go.

Thanks for reading! If you like the soundtrack, give it a thumbs up on SoundCloud and share it with others.