What I'm Working On

  1. 🚀 I'm currently studying mechanical engineering in the sixth semester at the ETH of Zurich in Switzerland. In this last semester I will continue working on the quadrupedal climbing robot magnecko. The goal of this project is to build a robot that is able to climb metal walls like Spider-Man using magnetic feet.
  2. ✍️ Beside this project, I've started my bachelor thesis about reinforcement learning applied for legged climbing robot.
  3. ✏️ On my blog, I post articles about engineering, music, and entrepreneuship. Besides those, I share projects I've built like games, apps, engineering projects, and 3D models.
  4. 🤖 I'm deep diving in Machine Learning and Robotics.
  5. 🎧 I produce music, and play the piano.
  6. 💌 I write a weekly email newsletter. Each Saturday, I share knowledge about mechanical engineering, programming, and science in general. Stuff I've learned through my journey as an engineer that I think you might be interested in as well.

Other Stuff

  • I’m a big fan of basically every kind of sports activity, where skateboarding 🛹, basketball 🏀, and Tennis 🎾 are my top three.
  • My biggest goal is to build a successful tech startup 🎯
  • I graduated from high school as one of the top ten students of my year🏅
  • If I had to describe myself in an equation, it would be:
Athlete + Engineer + Musician + Hustler = Riccardo

Get in Touch

  1. For short questions, you can reach out to me over 🐦 Twitter, or 📷 Instagram.
  2. If you've got a longer thing, you can use the contact form on my home page.

Long Version

I’ve chosen Mechanical Engineering because I’m a big fan of science fiction movies like Iron Man, Star Wars, or Back To Future. I was so inspired by these inventions e.g. the Iron Man suit that I told myself: “I wanna do that as well!”. It was the inspiration of making something totally new that led me to that decision.

In 2020 I passed high school as one of the top 10 best students. If I told that my 6 years old self, he wouldn’t believe me. Because at that time I had lots of problems with learning and solving simple tasks. But thanks to my ambition and my goals I managed to find a way for me to learn efficiently. In high school during the second and third years, I even got the chance to visit some lectures at the University of Bern: I did Physics I and II, Astronomy I, and Computational Physics.

During my free time, I do a lot of app and web development. The reason why I like programming is because of the little number of resources you need to create something special. But that doesn’t mean I prefer programming more than building engineering projects. The cool thing about the latter is that you create something by applying design, programming, and engineering skills at once. And also, you get something that exists in reality.

Besides programming and engineering, I often take my bike and do some rounds on a downhill trail or learn some new skateboard tricks in our local skate-park.

If I’m doing none of those activities mentioned before, then I’m playing the piano. I’m doing this not only because my parents are musicians, but because it liberates me from emotions. While I’m playing, I can turn emotions into a melody. It feels like I would tell the story by letting my piano sing! Just a beautiful feeling! I encourage everyone to learn an instrument.