I remember when I first started writing down my bucket list on a sheet of paper. It was right at the beginning of high school in 2016. Since then, I've constantly added new activities. However, I never got around to anything on the list. I thought I would do it someday, but that day never really came.

When I started to develop my blog from scratch, I came across an article from Joel Runyon. In there, he talked about the so-called Impossible List. According to him, it's a dynamic bucket list. It grows as you grow. And the most important thing, you make that list public. Through that, the whole world can see your progress, and because of that, you get more motivated to check off more of your list.

This page here is my implementation of the "impossible list" theory.

If you want a change in life, then be the change. You don't have to ask for permission. Just go for it!

🧑‍💻 6 Things I'm currently working on

  • Sixth semester in mechanical engineering
  • Build a wall-climbing robot that behaves like Spider-Man
  • Writing my bachelor thesis about Deep Reinforcement Learning applied in legged climbing robots

🗻 Adventures

  • Go skydiving
  • visit an active volcano
  • Travel around the world
  • Drive from New York to LA
  • Bungee-Jumping
  • Visit the space
    • and another planet? 🤔
  • Backflip from 10 m
  • Cliff diving
  • Visit a volcano

🚀 Business & Career

  • Become a professional music producer
  • Create a passive income stream with mobile and web apps
  • Create a job that enables me to work from everywhere
  • Grow my blog to 50k organic users per month
  • Study Mechanical Engineering
    • Bachelor
    • Master in Robotics or Nanotechnology => we'll see 😉
  • Sell a website
  • Become a certified ethical hacker
  • Build my audience of 1k+ true followers => read this article if you want to learn more about that concept
  • Learn Digital Marketing
    • Learn SEO
  • Found a small startup
  • Create my blog

🍀 Life

  • Live at the beach in a beautiful house or a loft apartment
  • Live in another country for at least one year

📚 Side Hustle Projects I Want to Make Real

  • Develop an AI that can read your emotions based on your facial expression
  • Build a mobile game with Unity
  • Make a movie
  • Create a YouTube Channel about Engineering and Coding
  • Design a circuit board
  • Write a book
    • Novel or Science-Fiction
  • Learn the basics of Quantum Mechanics

🧑‍💻 Programming and 🤖 Engineering Skills

  • Learn Data Science
  • Learn Blockchain and NFT
  • Learn Unity
  • Learn Blender Basics
  • Learn Quantum Mechanics
  • Learn CAD with NX Siemens
  • Learn Latex
  • Learn python
  • build my first AI

🎹 Music, 🎨 Arts, and 🎥 Film Making

  • Learn to play jazz piano
  • Learn to sing
    • Pop & Jazz
    • Frank Sinatra style
  • Learn acting
  • Play in a movie
  • Learn to create special effects
  • Compose an arrangement for piano => Read the article!
  • Create a YouTube Channel about Music ⇒ Link: 🔗
  • Compose a symphony
  • Commit to one month or more of Hip Hop training
  • create my first song
  • Learn the basics of Logic Pro X
  • Learn the piano
  • Learn the violin

💸 Personal Finance

  • build an investment portfolio with:
    • Bitcoins
    • Real-Estates
    • ETFs

👟 Sports

  • Drop into a Vert ramp
  • Learn to jump out of the half-pipe
  • Learn to kick-flip
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Learn free-running
  • Learn Hip-Hop or Break-Dance
  • Learn to drift with a car
  • Participate in a car race
  • Learn surfing
  • Learn to backflip on the snowboard
  • Learn basic skateboarding
  • Board-slide
  • Ollie
  • learn to early grab (skateboarding)
  • learn to grind on top of the half-pipe

🌍 Learn Languages

  • Spanish (fluent)
  • Chinese (basic conversational level)
  • Italian (fluent)